is the one of the IP address that takes the internet users to administration panel of wireless router .Among the other alternative IP address of wireless router, is  the least known IP address. is way to moderate network and wireless router settings ,reorganizing the user interface of modem and fixing problems on network connection and modem. Few wireless router companies use as a gateway to access administration panel. D-link and Netgear are some examples of these companies that use as a default IP addresses of wireless routers and broad routers. D-link and Netgear are the sub companies of Cisco, Incorporated that works on broad routers and wireless routers.

 What other IP address that is used as accession point? is the least common IP address for admin panel and only few companies use it. In contrast to 192.168.0. 1 , is the most common IP address  to access administration panel and manage network and modem settings. In the case that other IP address do not work, 192.168.1. 1 can be used as a default IP address for admin panel.

How to built Netgear modem with IP address?

-Turn on wireless router

-Be sure that all cables are working properly and there is no problem about electrical situations

-Open a new page at your web browser

-Write on url gap of searching browser

-Enter default the user name and password and then enter the network servicer user name and password (If you don’t know, check it at the back side of wireless router. In the case that it is not valid, reset your modem and try again using same password and user name that is back side of modem)

-Create new wireless up to your preferences

-Restart your wireless router

-Start to use internet connection with  IP address and Netgear modem.

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