Router Admin Login is the IP address to access administration panel for some modem brands. To struggle with some probable problems and renewing the user interface, router admin login is needed. IP address accession gives chance to you to open wireless router settings as a admin. Except fixing some network problems, DNS and Proxy security settings can be done with this way.Also,changing user name and password  is done at that panel. 192.168.1.  From this perfective, router admin login is a platform to manage network and modem settings as an admin. For router admin login, follow these instructions :

-Write on your searching web page.

-Access to router admin login page.

-Write your user name and password.

-Open network settings

After that, you can do whatever you want on your network and modem settings.

What is the user name and password of wireless router?

The user name and password of modem means the specific information and accessing way to open admin panel of wireless router. Generally, modem brands gives you this information while you buy your modem. Some modem types have that information on it. You can directly check it from your modem. Also, you can learn it from your wireless router brand.In the internet ,there are some list which covers all  modem brands user name and password information. In general, user name and password is admin as admin for modem brands.Modem companies create easy password to their products in order to remember easily.

If you do not learn your user name and password  that’s why do not access router admin login, you can reset your modem.Resetting is an option to handle this problem. In order to resetting, find hidden resetting button ad hold it for a while.After that operations, modem will be restarted. You can use your modem in factory mode with this way.But do not forget that resetting means omitting all data about your wireless router.

After resetting, try use “admin” as user name and password.Also,using “admin” as user name and “password” as password can be an option.You can try this for all brands of modem. Another otion for creating new user name and password is using serial number of wireless router.Serial number of modem is a specific number for every number which is given in manufacturing process of it. From serial number, you can create new user name and password at router admin login. You can learn serial number of modem form back of wireless router device.There must be a label which covers default user name, password and serial number. Serial number can be learned from the label.

What can I do with router admin login? router admin login is used for these settings :

-All network and modem settings

-Doing some changes in wireless router user interface

-Changing DNS and Proxy security options

-Settings on WLAN ,LAN and WAN

-Solving probable problems on network settings

-Rebuilt network connection

-Create new network connection

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