is the IP address of many modem brands.. is a gateway of administration panel and this panel involves many network settings and security options. It is used for making modem and network settings, renewing user interface and organizing security options. To access the administration panel of modem ,you can use  IP address.Even though there are few IP address option to enter the admin panel, 192.168.1. 1 is the one of the most popular IP address so you can use this link to do modem settings and to handle probable problems.

 What can I do with ?

    With the help of IP address, you can do these settings and handle  these probable problems:

  • -Modem and network settings
  • -LAN,WLAN and WAN settings
  • -DNS and Proxy settings
  • -Changing security options
  • -Renewing the modem interface
  • -Network connection problems


Whenever you face network connection problems, you need to enter the administration panel of modem.With this way, you can solve your network connection problems.

How to access  IP address?

      In order to access web page ,you can click  on . When you click on this link, you enter the admin panel of modem. In the administration panel, you face modem interface and it asks you your modem user name and password. You can learn and enter your modem user name and password data  and access wireless router setting page. After that your network servicer can ask your network  user name and password information. Entering that information ,you can use admin panel with full authority.

How can you learn your modem user name and password?

     If you do not know or forget your user name and password, you can not enter the administration panel. To learn your username and password, you can check your modem type and brand.In the internet, there are many lists which include modem passwords up to modem brands.Also,you can learn it from your modem.Many modem brands give that information on the their products.

If you can not learn must  this information from our instructions,the last option is resetting your modem. Resetting is easy process that gives an option to use modem in a factory mode. Every modem type has a hidden resetting button.With the resetting button, you can reset your modem. For resetting, you must hold resetting button for a while and must wait restarting of modem.After resetting your modem, you can create new user name and password and enter IP address.

What kind of modem brands are suitable for ?

           Generally, wireless router companies give you a catalog when you buy your modem.In that catalog, there is a list that includes suitable IP address for admin panel of your modem. In the IP address list, is the most common IP address. It is obvious that almost all modem types ,you can use IP address.

Networking Hardware- Modem Type And Brand Lists

What can you do if you do not enter ?

              If you face some problems when you try to enter  IP address, you can follow our instructions to solve accession problems :

  • Check your modem type and brand.After that, search it on the internet. Despite the fact that almost all wireless router brands support ,it can be not suitable for some modem types. If you have such a problem, you can search other IP address options. When you find the most suitable IP address, you can make same steps to use admin panel of wireless router which are told.
  • If your problem is about forgetting your user name and password ,resetting can be an option for using modem in factory mode. In factory mode, password and user name can be determined manually.
  • You must check your wireless router device connections if web page is not opened. You must be sure that your wireless router is working. Sometimes ,cables of modem do not work properly.At the result of this, network connections problem is happened. To handle this problem, control your modem and after that try again to enter IP address.If 192.168.1. 1 address is suitable for your modem type and your modem works properly, accession to must done.

With all these steps, admin panel can be used and network setting can be done.

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