is one of the most common IP address to obtain accession for administration panel . and are almost used for al wireless router types. In order to check whether or not it is used for your modem,you can write in url bar of your searching browser at new page and enter it.If you face disconnection or overtime warning then it is not suitable to your wireless router. In the case of it is not used for your device, you can search and use the other alternatives. Generally, can be alternative IP address for IP address.

How to access  IP address?

– Copy paste into url bar of searching browser and enter it

-The main page wants to you to enter the user name and password of wireless router (You can learn it from the back side of your modem, if it does not work, you can reset your wireless router or serial number of modem can be helpful.)

-At that step, admin panel wants the user name and password of network servicer (It is not necessary, up to your network servicer.If you need it, you can learn it from your network servicer)

-When you access the admin panel go directly network settings or preferences and do whatever you want about your network connections.

With ,you can do few settings which are listed below :

-DNS and Proxy settings

-Changing security options

-Changing the modem interface information

-Network connection problems

-Modem and network connection settings

-LAN,WLAN and WAN settings

What kind of modem brands are suitable for ?

192.168.1 .2 is a common IP address and almost suitable for all type of wireless router and broad router. In general, all wireless router brands support 192.168 .1 .2 and 192. 168 .1.1 IP network addresses. You can easily check their suitability for your modem and can access administration panel

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