How to login IP Address?

      Internet connection is the most important part of 21 century.But sometimes, we face some problems about that valuable technology and it can be really boring. The most important part of these problems is usually about modem settings.In order to fix these problems, 192.168. 1.1 is an option. So how to login IP address?

192.168.I.I IP address is the admin panel of your computer.It allows you to moderate network and modem settings as an admin role. With that way, your network and modem settings can be done.  Accession to administration panel of your modem is easy process and it solves your network connections. The answer is to how to login IP address is that  :

-Click on It is the link for the administration panel of your modem. With that way, you can directly  go main page for your network and modem settings.

-Access to main page of wireless router. In that page, administration panel wants to you enter your user name and password of modem(If you do not remember or do not know, check back of your modem or reset your modem)

-Fill in the blanks with  user name and password of your modem(In default, the user name and password of most modem brands “admin” as both of them .If it  does not solve your user name and password problems, reset your wireless router or use serial number.

-Go network settings.It is generally left side of admin panel. It is also called network preferences up to your modem type and brand.You can access default and advanced settings at that panel

-Do your network and mode settings and fix your internet connections problems.

With these instructions, how to login  192.168.1. 1 IP address is answered. It is easy and fast process and you can access admin panel of your wireless router with that way.

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