How to setup bridge mode on your modem

Bridge mode allows using the router as a second access point in an existing network. In other words, if you have a spare or a second router, it connects 2 isolated networks wirelessly using bridge mode. What does it do?

  • In an attack on your IP address, your modem may be locked and your connection may be lost. Bridge mode will protect your connection, preventing disruption. Therefore, this mode is often used in big jobs and offices.
  • Bridge mode is useful when you want to share files or printers on two router networks.
  • Bridge mode is required when you need to disable the router’s functions when there are network connectivity issues, ip conflicts, or when you want to work with third-party devices.

Note: Before configuring the bridge mode, it is correct to take a backup of the modem settings before considering the possible problems.

How to setup bridge mode setep by step

Step 1 ) Plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the back of your computer and the other end to the ethernet port on the back of your router

Step 2) Plug one end of the adapter into the wall socket and the other end into the router. And make sure the power light on the router is on.

Step 3 ) To log in to the router interface, you can login with your default ip address and the default username and password of your router. Generally;
Default ip address:
Username and password: admin

From the drop-down menu, set the Connection Type to Bridge Mode.

Set the IP Address configuration for your router.

*Obtain an IPv4 address automatically –You should choose this if you want your router to provide your ip address.

*Specify an IPv4 address – Use this option if you want to use a stable ip address. In most modems, you will automatically see the part where these settings will be made. To do so, enter the information for your Internet IPv4 addressSubnet maskDefault gateway, and DNS entries.

 Accept it in this way by saying “Save” all settings. You will receive a warning that your router has switched to bridge mode. After confirming this, you can start using this mode.

Note: After setting up your bridge mode, you can adjust your file and printer sharing settings. When this mode is available, guest connections are canceled. Guest users can only benefit from wifi connection.

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