How to setup Parental Control on Router

You can restrict internet access through your modem. With the parental control settings on your router, you can specify website filtering, identify devices that can connect to the internet, and when the internet will be open.

First of all, open your web browser from a device connected to the internet and enter your ip address. Thus, you enter the modem interface. Find the default username and password suitable for your modem brand.

*Please click on [ADVANCED] > [Parental Control] and set URL Blocking as Enabled. on your router main interface

You can now configure the website blocking settings. First of all, we create and accept rules for this.

*Check the active box

*Set Access Rule to “Deny”

*Name your rule (eg Block_samplewebsite)

*Enter the keyword you want to be blocked in the keyword field. Thus, urls containing this keyword will be blocked.

*MAC Address field – Leave this section blank if you want to block all devices. If you only want this rule to be valid for certain devices, you can enter the MAC addresses of the devices in this section.

*Set the clock part to “enable”. And between which hours this rule will be valid and you can set its duration from this section.

*Set the days when you want these settings to take effect

*Click on Apply to save the rule.

Using these settings on your modem router saves you from using other programs or software. It also allows you to perform parental supervision without extra expenses. Of course, you may need to use a number of programs for more detailed control and features. But your router is enough to block certain websites, provide device control and set time.

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