Mercusys Wifi Extender Setup

There are many reasons why the 300mbps Mercusys MW300RE is so popular. First of all, its performance is very good for its price. In addition to other extenders, it is very important to have 3 external antennas and to use MIMO technology. This feature significantly increases the speed of the wireless network and spreads the wifi signal to wider areas thanks to its antennas. In addition, with the WPS mode feature available in different brands, you can easily install and position the device by determining the area with the best wifi by using the LED lights.

You can place your Range Extender device by mounting it on the wall where you want the wifi signal to reach. Since it is used with 2.4 Ghz wifi channel setting and has MIMO technology, the MW300RE performs well in terms of coverage and wifi speed. Once you make a connection with the WPS button, there is no need to complete the setup and connect again and again. Unplug it whenever you want, take it wherever you need wifi and plug it in. It is very practical.

How to Setup Mercusys Wifi Range Extender ( Step by Step)


1) Plug the extender device into an outlet near your router. After creating a solid connection in this way during the first installation, we will move the range extender to the section where the wifi signal is weak after the connection.

2) First turn on the wps mode of your main router and then press the WPS button of the Mercusys booster device. First of all, the red flashing light turns on solid when the connection is established. That’s it, the connection has been successfully provided, now you can use it.

Note 1: The wifi sharing SSID and password information of your main router and your extender are the same. If you want to make changes to this information, you can make arrangements as you wish by logging in via

Note 2: After installing the device, you should take your extender device to your home or to the area where the wifi signal is weak. You can use the LED lights on the device to find the best area to position. Also, there should be no thick walls or devices emitting electromagnetic waves between the main router and the wifi booster. You should pay attention to these for a clean and quality wifi performance. If the extender can’t get enough of the wifi signal from the router, it won’t be able to amplify and spread it, and your wifi network will break out.


1) We scan your extender’s wifi network from your laptop or mobile phone. From the list that appears, we click on the network name of our device, SSID, and click CONNECT.

2) By typing on the web browser, we log in to the panel that opens to make the necessary settings to connect our extender device to the router. There is SSID, network and password information on the label on the back of the device during the initial setup.

Network name: Mercusys_ XXX

Username and password: admin

3) We select the main router network from the list. We enter your router’s password on the screen that opens. This password is common to both the router and the booster device. Then click NEXT. The connection is made when the light that flashes while connecting first turns to a green and steady light. Then you can take your device and move it to areas where there is no wireless network.

How to reset Mercusys Range Extender

If you are experiencing performance problems on your device, constantly shutting down, disconnecting or slowing your wifi connection, there are some actions you can take.

  • Keep the device software up to date.
  • Try moving the extender device closer to the main router
  • Reset the device. Press the small hole on the back of the expander with a thin-tipped stick for 2 minutes. When the LED light of the device starts to flash, it means that the device has been reset and you have restored it to the factory settings.

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