Upgrading Firmware Version of Your Router

In order to increase the security of your router, take advantage of new features, increase your product performance and overcome internet connection problems, you should regularly upgrade the firmware version of the router. One of the first things to do with wifi signal slowness, internet slowness, product lockdown and so on is the firmware update. In this page, we will show you how to do it with sample pictures. Regardless of your router brand, you can update the software in a similar way.


  1. Do not turn off your device while updating.
  2. Do not update with wireless connection
  3. Take backup of your router settings before updating. If a problem occurs, you may need to install from scratch.

First of all, log in to the router’s management interface via your browser. This is how you can find your default ip address required to login to the router. >>> FIND YOUR ROUTER IP ADDRESS

You can also access the default username and password information required to login to your router’s interface here. >> Wifi Router Passwords

Click on the administrator >> firmware update section in the advanced settings

The router automatically reboots itself after software update. This update process takes a few minutes. If the update fails, we recommend buying a new router. It is no longer possible to get enough efficiency from this device.

Do not underestimate the update of the router. In addition to increasing the performance of your device, it is very important in terms of containing the most current security importance. As the types of attacks on our internet update itself day by day, it will be healthier to use updated software to strengthen our defense system in the same way.

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